How many countries?

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How many countries?

Post  Admin on Mon Jul 12, 2010 12:50 pm

As I was busy sorting out the info for the guy to design our legshield banners I thought I'd just check on how many countries the LOC has members in....they are as follows:

Great Britain, Colombia, Sweden, Germany, Holland, Japan, USA, Spain, France, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Republic of Ireland, Vietnam, South Africa, Finland, Czech Republic, Poland, Portugal and Austria. How's that for a club with nearly 300 members??? Very Happy


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Re: How many countries?

Post  digger59 on Thu Sep 16, 2010 8:23 am

Hi from Colombia,South America.I suspect we have 2 members from here as I know of a Lui 75 in Cali,I have the Vega 140 I brought from England.
As some of you know Lambrettas were built/assembled under licence by Auteco(still going) from 1961 to around 78/80 they were the concessionaires from 1954 (imported).
To my knowledge the Vega was not imported or assembled here so I suspect the other was brought in possibly from Venezuela.I beleive there are 2 in Argentina.
Everybody who likes Lambretta/Vespa/Auteco Plus(Bajaj Chetak) love the Vega,I could have sold it many times.I let them have a go on it and they are impressed with the performance.
Some of you maybe know me from my days in England on my TV175 SERIES 2 with the Bambini (still have it)also have 2 Auteco Lambrettas a 1972 JET 200 with disc brake and SX200 PANELS ALL ORIGINAL,Also have a 1976 Auteco Lambretta GP/DL 150 fitted with a Kawasaki Coyote 175 piston & rod (popular conversion here).Auteco built Kawasakis after they finished with Lambretta around 78,mainly due to the Indians sporadic supply of parts (They didn't totally build them here).


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